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Detailed Specs: Tauroniro

Scientific Name:  Humiria balsamifera var balsamifera
Family:  Humiriaceae
Other Names:  Bastard Bulletwood, Tabaniro (Guyana), Basra bolletrie, Tawanango (Suriname), Bois rouge Hourmiri (French Guiana)Oloroso (Columbia),Couramira, Turanira (Brazil).

The Tree

Grows to heights of 90-120 feet with long cylindrical clear bole 60-70 feet; commonly 20-28 inches in diameter, occasionally up to 40 feet.

The Wood

General Characteristics: Wood appearance varies from a fawn colour to light brown to reddish brown. It is poorly demarcated from the narrow light brown sapwood. Texture is medium, grain is straight to interlock with medium luster. Wood has no distinct odour or taste.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (oven dry weight/green volume) 0.66; air-dry Density 50 pcf.

Drying and Shrinkage: Wood air dries rapidly with slight surface and end checking and some warping. Shrinkage from green to oven dry:  radial 7.2%; tangential 9.7%; volumetric 15.7%

Janka side hardeness 1320 lb for green wood and 1610 lb at 12% moisture content. Forest Products Laboratory toughness average for green and dry material is 146 in-lb (5/8 –in specimen).

Working Properties: Wood is moderately difficult to work, considerably chipped grain develops in planing wood with interlocked grain.

Durability: This wood has a reputation of being highly durable. According to pure culture tests the wood is rated very durable when exposed to white rot fungus but durable to moderately durable in resistance to brown rot fungus. It is also resistant to dry wood termites but little resistance to marine borers.

Distribution: The Guianas, Columbia, Venezuela and the Brazilian Amazon. In Guyana it is the dominant species in the marsh forest and thrives best in light sandy soils. In Suriname it occurs on the Savannah Forests.

Uses: Heavy construction, flooring, furniture wheel spokes and decorative veneer.


–       Chundnoff, Martin (1984), “Tropical Timbers of the World.” USDA Forest Service Ag. Handbook No.607.

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